Moving Tips

Moving is listed as one of the most stressful thing that a person can experience in a lifetime.

At littleMOVES we can help your move be as stress free as possible, please view our moving tips.

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Speak to your neighbours about your moving date. 

Ask them about possible parking issues that may make the move more difficult.

All walkways, pathways etc should be clear of any obstructions to allow us free movement to and from your property.


You should ensure that you have read your utility meters before leaving. 

You also need to make arrangements with the relevant companies to transfer your telephone, cable etc


If anyone in the household requires regular medication or such items like asthma inhalers then please ensure these are kept safely aside.

Label your boxes

Make up labels to help you record what's in each box or container.

Devise your own system but keep it simple and ensure it will identify what room the box needs to go to.

Don't overfill your boxes

Please ensure that you do not overfill your boxes and containers. 

Remember these need to be lifted and carried. 

We are fully trained in moving and lifting but unfortunately we are not Superman. 

Also boxes that are overfilled may break under the strain of too much weight.

Don't underfill your boxes

This may seem stupid after the previous tip but partially filled boxes may collapse if heavy items are placed on top of them.

Try to distribute your things evenly in all of your boxes.

Sufficient packing material

It is essential that you have plenty of paper, boxes, tape and containers.

Pack ahead

Starting packing three or four weeks in advance. Keep only essential items aside until the last day or two.

Don't pack important documents

Remember to keep important documents to one side as you may needs paperwork that relates to your house sale.


Food should be removed from cupboards before your move. Ensure that all caps and screw tops are secured


If you have young children it would be advisable to book a baby sitter of family member to look after them. 

You will be stressed on the day of the move enough without trying to look after your little ones as well.

 Also it can be a hazardous place for them on the moving day


If you have pets then you should consider what is going to happen to them on the day of the move.

Fridge / Freezer

Remember to defrost your freezer no later then one day before your move. 

After your freezer has been transported to your new home if should be left to stand for 24 hours.

Evening meal

You should make arrangements for your evening meal in advance of your move. 

You don't want to be trying to cook whilst the place is in turmoil. So treat yourself to a takeaway


Remove all lamp shades before the move. 

This would include table lampshades, ceiling and wall lights if you are taking these with you.


Most beds require some dismantling before they can be moved. 

Please consider how much time is needed for this so you can dismantle prior to our arrival.

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